Thursday, May 1, 2014

Soaking wet

This morning the soil was very wet from the heavy rain we had yesterday and last night. This week we've been cleaning up the garden and planting 
some broccoli, kale, chards, and leeks.  I didn't prepare any seeds inside this year. I also just threw in some seeds for beets, nasturtium, cosmos, and zinnias. I still need to get some seeds to plant arugula.
Today is nice I was able to enjoy my lounge chair with a fresh drink enjoying the black tulips, so elegant.
I am so ready for the summer. 
Anything exciting in your gardens ?

The mint is so prolific! We planted along the neighbors wall and the brick path. It doesn't need much to grow and is very invasive so we manage to contain it and it's still a lot of mint. There is no such thing as too much mint...

I couldn't resist sharing the picture of the dogwood blooming. We planted it on the neighbors sidewalk 
( it's a vacant lot so no one minded ) and this year is the first year it's blooming. We hope it will be big enough when they start to build a house so no one will dig it up. 

The harvest of the day, some greens for my lunch with a little viola and eggs from our beautiful ladies. 
I will shortly present you our 6 chickens.

The taste of pesto in my mouth the basil will be planted very soon.


  1. Hi Annabelle, I've been reading Tend for a while now so I am very glad to read about your garden as you are french. I am also french (of madagascan origin) and love to garden. You can read more about me in my recent feature in Coudre c'est facile magazine (also on my blog).

  2. Thanks Madebylova !
    Nice to meet you !