Thursday, May 15, 2014

Plants as gifts

My husband, Dan, has been enjoying saffron in his rice lately. I thought I could surprise him so I ordered him some bulbs as a gift  ( from Turkey ! ). They are the same family as crocuses but bloom in the Fall. It was a gift for no reason-- just as a surprise, better when it is not expected.
We did plant them, it is (apparently) really easy to grow.. It is a beautiful purple flower, we will obviously enjoy its taste as well.
I like to give plants as gifts it makes it special seeing it coming back every year different, bigger, stronger.  You need to tend for the plants like any relationship. I feel plants, and trees can be a part of the family and the home.  They tell a story.
For my mother’s birthday this year I got her an ancient fragrant rose bush it was also for the birth of her first grand daughter named Chloe Rose.  Even far away in France she has the presence of her granddaughter.
Do you give plants to your friends and family?

This week we can enjoy the columbine in bloom.

The peach tree by the chicken coop is doing really well.

The sage is in bloom.

On the front porch the wisteria is about to pop!

And the seeds I planted last week are all coming up. I have a couple extra zucchini ( round ones ) Anyone interested ? Our home is in Philadelphia ( fishtown ).

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