Wednesday, May 28, 2014

garden happenings

welcome to the garden on this misty, gray day. oh, how things have been growing after a very rainy week. we are in transition from spring crops to summer so i thought i'd share our garden happenings! 

below is our 1,000 sq. ft. garden. i cannot wait to watch it grow in size as we add a fig tree, asparagus patch & more. 

i have always wanted a garden of zinnias so this year we made that happen. we planted about 50 zinnia plants in the front row.  we also planted sunflowers, cosmos, queen ann's lace & a wide variety of perennial flowers along the other bordering row. i hope to sell flower bouquets to our egg customers this summer! 

we have been harvesting sugar snap peas by the basket full. we planted these peas months ago. with a few hot days mixed with a handful of rainy weeks, they shot up quickly & we're finally enjoying the fruits of our labor.

our basil is finally in. we've been pruning & adding the leftovers to egg scrambles in the morning. the true taste of summer, friends! our cabbage is slowly growing... kimchi awaits! my favorite variety of kale is lacinato & it is doing very well this season. we plan to gift friends with a few bundles this week.

of course, a garden is not complete without insect pests. luke has been pinching colorado potato beetles every morning. if you see these guys, pinch them! they will quickly destroy your potatoes if you don't manage them. 

we're also dealing with our share of flea beetles. luke applied spinosad, an organic pesticide, to help control the populations. it looks to be helping. 

the green beans are doing well. i cannot wait to preserve jars full of dilly beans. this weekend we planted more cilantro, summer squash, winter squash, corn & okra. 

what is happening in your garden?

- natalie

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  1. Flea beetles and cabbage bugs have been terrorizing my garden this summer!