Thursday, May 22, 2014

Finding space to plant more greens

Yesterday Natalie was sharing how to get more greens in your diet, now I will share with you how to find more space to plant some.

We are expecting a storm, it’s 8 am and I am rushing out in the garden to take a few pictures.
Last year I was trying to find a way to produce more greens and make it easier for me to have them handy.  I decided to install planters just in front of our kitchen door on the fence. It allows us to have organic greens easily accessible, I don’t even need to bend to harvest it … A pair of scissors and we have an organic fresh salad! It’s also a way to use the fence as a planting space it gives shade in the summer hot days to these fragile little greens.
We found these planters on ebay for really cheap and it’s made of non treated cedar wood perfect to grow organic foods.
Greens do really well in planters ( even inside for those without a garden and dream of fresh greens ) When I was living in Paris I would grow on my windows mostly greens and herbs it was such a luxury.
You just get potting soil and compost, water well. I would suggest to plant some every 2 weeks to keep on having fresh greens.
You can plant them from organic seeds or get some in your local nursery. It makes it cheaper to plant from seeds and they come up really fast.
My favorites for salads are arugula, spinach, sorrel, red lettuce, mizuna.

Enjoy your greens and your day! 


  1. these are so great! we are wanting to build window boxes similar to this. thanks for the great example! - n

  2. Love! It gets so hot here- I wonder if I'd have to water daily. A few years ago I planted succulents in my clogs but they fried. Learning as I go.