Monday, April 21, 2014

blooming this week

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend with family and loved ones, I sure did.  I was able to take a few minutes yesterday to walk alone through my garden.  It's always incredible to me when things can appear lifeless all winter long, and then start to bud and come to life again in the Spring.  So many parallels can be made with gardening and the Easter holiday we just celebrated.  I wanted to share some of the blooms that I've been enjoying this week in my garden.

(all photos taken with a hasselblad 500 c/m, polaroid film)

Pink and white bleeding hearts are popping up all over.  My mother-in-law has some red one that are absolutely beautiful!  Maybe next year all add some to my garden.

White anemone with dark purple centers and iberis (candytuft).

A variety of ranunculus and burkwood viburnum.

Dark purple anemone and english daisies.

Ranunculus and spring bouquet viburnum.

Lily of the valley, hellebores (a current favorite of mine) and astilbe about to bloom.

I'd love to hear and see what's blooming in your gardens.  If you don't mind sharing, leave a comment or link in the comment section.  Thank you for being here today!  



  1. Beautiful flowers! and I love the look of the polaroid pictures.
    I just adore that purple anemone.

  2. I love the outcome of the photos! They definitely evoke something different than digital! Spring is awesome!

    1. thanks, mist. i'm a polaroid enthusiast!