Saturday, August 31, 2013

where i've been...

he helps me garden

... just popping in to say hello here! i know i've let thursdays here at tend go silent over the past weeks, but i've been a bit preoccupied. we welcomed our son, ethan sidney, into our lives on august 5! in the weeks before his birth, and since, i've had to let my garden go a bit wild. it's all i can do to keep it watered (especially during this crazy late summer heat wave). luckily, ethan seems to enjoy helping me water the tomatoes :) i'm grateful to have some wonderful neighbors at my community garden who have kept my plot mostly weeded. even still, i'm mostly calling this year's garden a wash, and i'm already looking forward to next summer. though, i suppose i'll have an almost-toddler on my hands at that point...

any tips on gardening with babies and small children? xo


  1. Congratulations! Our babies were born the same day :) I also had to lower my expectations for this year's garden, but I've definitely been getting out there more now that I am feeling comfortable using slings/wraps.

    On that note, the mama in me can't help but speak up about the sling you're using in the photo -- pouch slings like that have actually been recalled because of the danger of wearing a newborn so low. Your baby's head should be high enough for you to kiss him!