Monday, August 19, 2013

Late Summer

Each day we take our bushel basket down to the field garden in hopes of harvesting tomatoes, pumpkins, or melons. We often bring back basil, broccoli shoots, or kale.

My mom sent me several dahlia tubers this year. This is the first one beginning to open. It looks rather goofy, like it has bunny ears. I love its vibrant color. 

Baby Pam pie pumpkins, we are forever loyal to you. This variety is so reliable. We harvested our first this weekend.

New this year: Eden's Gem melons. We tried this variety because the seeds were local and the description promised that they would fruit and ripen before the frost. We have six melons that are almost ready! I'm excited, though I am having a hard time determining when they are ready. Any tips? I've been smelling the blossom end for fragrance. None yet.

Abby: these are our spilanthes plants. Every day I pop a flower in my mouth. Herbalists say eating one fresh a day is better than mouthwash. It's an acquired taste but I really like it. It basically makes your mouth feel tingly.

Chamomile in abundance. I've been drying some for my apothecary shelves. Thinking of making a chamomile tincture or a chamomile heavy bitters formula.

The onions are just about ready for harvest. We've already pulled our shallots.

What's happening in your garden this week?


  1. They're so pretty! I've only ever seen spilanthes dried.

    We picked our first melon last week, and I read up before hand to be sure I wasn't too hasty. Scent and ease of slipping off the vine were the signs I looked for. I smelled it each day, and finally it smelled so sweet and ripe, and almost as soon as I noticed it's sweet smell, it seemed like it pulled away from the vine without any effort. If you are attentive I think you will know when the time is right. Beautiful photos Shari. Everything is looking so well.

  2. I was just driving thru the countryside noticing all the roadside chamomile blooming away. My grandfather used to pay us children a few pennies to collect the blossoms for his tea. He also paid for Mullen and St John's wart. Do you make tea with the chamomile? That and mint are my favourites. I'm not sure what my garden is doing in Vancouver as I've been away for over two months but my garden here in England is lovely because of this fantastic summer we've had, although there isn't much fruit on the Victoria plum from the too cold spring. :)

  3. shari, i am just now catching up on tend! just so you know- melons are perfect to harvest when they literally slip off the vine. it takes absolutely no effort to harvest them. i hope that helps!