Wednesday, June 5, 2013

not for the birds!

today i am here to share with you a simple tip for growing strawberries. 

we have been growing strawberries for several years now, but just recently we have had issues with birds. the birds nibble on the ripe berries, leaving holes in the side, before we have an opportunity to harvest them. so, we purchased a roll of bird mesh netting from home depot for under $8. we cut the netting to size & draped it over our beds. it works perfectly & we have delicious berries! 

i am excited to bake a rhubarb strawberry crisp this week!


  1. Just a word of warning: on more than one occasion, I have had birds come dangerously close to getting ensnared in netting. I once had to unravel netting from a baby robin's leg--not fun! If you have any worries about birds getting trapped, you can try attaching the netting very tautly (maybe use hoops). I have switched to a light row cover, and that does the trick. Because your netting is draped over a raised bed, it is probably fine, but I have to share just in case. And on a lighter note, I love your colander.

    1. actually, i have had the same problem. i used this netting over my strawberries one year with the same intention and was horrified to find a dead bird stuck in it when i went to check on my berries. i don't know if i set it up wrong, but i haven't used it since.