Tuesday, June 18, 2013

mid june highlights

It's mid June, and the garden spaces are filling in beautifully with all the warmth and moisture. Just a couple weeks ago I'd go out and things would seem slow and sparse (in my idealist view of the fullness that could be), but I realize even now how early it still is, and how much growth is still to come. It's not even summer yet! That makes me sigh with relief. As a gardener, this season can feel all too fleeting.

Summer squash is coming on. This one is Caserta, an heirloom variety from Baker Creek.

 Abundant fresh herbs and their flowers make it into most all of our meals these days.

 New beds are being dug and planted.
 Once-weedy, overgrown spaces are becoming beautiful new perennial, edible spaces.

 Tomatoes are growing! The hoop house has really gone wild this week, with visible growth spurts every day.

And flowers are blooming everywhere, bringing so many hummingbirds and the steady buzz of bees.

 There is so much to take in right now. I'm doing my best not to miss any of it.