Thursday, June 27, 2013

late june blooms

after the long winter, practically non-existent spring, and incredible amount of rain and storms we've been having i feel like i can safely say that summer has finally arrived. and my garden knows it. things are blooming all over the place and today i thought i'd share with you some of my favorite blooms from the gardens at my house...

very pink roses
valerian, kept getting knocked over by my dog, so it's now in a protective tomato cage. it is resilient!
clematis & window boxes
clematis and window boxes of pansies, allysum, and dusty miller
mystery cherry tomatoes (from my csa)
borage, on their last blooms already!
chamomile, growing in the cracks of my brick pavers. i planted a LOT of chamomile this year. can't wait for tea!  

what's blooming in your garden these days?


  1. I love your roses! We have some electric colored roses that were here when we moved in and I can't bear to get rid of them even though the color is outrageous.

    P.S.- I think that is comfrey not borage.

    1. lee! i have thought this plant was borage for years! we got a bunch of free "borage and comfrey" from someone years ago and i always thought this one was borage and the other was comfrey (the other one's flowers are pink and the leaves a little wider and rounder at the tip) but maybe they are just 2 different varieties of comfrey. crazy!

  2. Julia,
    Too funny! The borage has more star shaped flowers and they can be pink. I just planted comfrey this year and I'm really excited to finally have it because apparently you can make a really great compost sludge from it. Happy gardening!