Tuesday, May 21, 2013

may garden highlights

I've been enjoying seeing the garden updates here over the last week, so I thought I would share some of the highlights in our gardens right now.

 One of the most exciting new developments for us, is the addition of a blueberry patch. We purchased 5 bushes this week. They are 3 years old and are already full of quite a lot of green berries. It was tempting to bring home even more, but we held back in order to reserve space for some diversity in varieties. This particular variety is Bluecrop.

 The tomatoes have been planted. There are still quite a lot left over, so we're working on coming up with ways to fit them in, in other places. We could never have too many tomatoes!

Flowers are blooming everywhere, with colorful new faces each day it seems. A lot of herbs are starting to flower right now, which adds such a diversity of colorful texture.

 Tiny summer squashes are forming already! At least one variety that I chose this year is resistant to powdery mildew. I am hoping they fare better than past years.

 It's going to be time to have some artichokes any moment now. These particular plants are now about 3 years old, and are producing so well this year. 

We are planning to build cucumber trellises rather than let them sprawl as I usually do. They will be ready to start climbing soon.

There is so much growth happening right now. Looking back on some photos I took just a week ago, I am amazed at the changes and how quickly things are filling out. With June just a short ways off, the garden will really start to change and grow rapidly.

And just for fun, a photo of the native Rhododendron. I don't think I will ever get over my amazement of these impressively large, colorful blooms. The woods are lined with them right now. Such a beautiful contrast to the lush green of the forest in May.


  1. I am growing artichoke for the first time this year--any tips? I've got it in a deep bed with lots of compost added, and heavily mulched with straw. Now if something would stop digging in the bed, maybe it would start taking off!

  2. Hi, It sounds like you have done a great job for a strong start. All in all they are pretty easy to grow. Artichokes do like a lot of food. I keep a topping of compost on mine and during the active growing season, I supplement with organic fertilizer every few weeks or so. And they love to be deeply watered, regularly. They are so responsive to these treatments! Once yours settles into it's new location, you should start to see some steady growth. If you forget, or aren't sure whether to fertilize, they will let you know, as the leaves start to become a paler green.

    Artichokes are such a beautiful plant. We started a bunch of them from seed this year, to add to the general landscape. They put off an impressive show of flowers (if you can bear to let some go).

  3. We live up in the Sandy/Welches area - about 1500 feet elevation at the base of Hood. I am so curious about your elevation, as I would guess we are about 3 weeks behind you in terms of our garden progress. Are you at sea level?

    I am soooo thrilled you are part of Tend. It is so great to see a fellow Pacific NW gardener in action!

    1. We are at about 75 feet, so yes pretty much sea level :) We're about 3 miles from the ocean, as the crow flies. I know what you mean - it's really nice to be able to see what's happening in other gardens in your general locale.

      We have a friend down in Grants Pass, and I have been totally amazed how far ahead he is from us, with green tomatoes on the vine already! It's kind of an unusual year though, too.