Wednesday, April 24, 2013

building a trellis & planting peas!

we spent a lot of time in the garden this past weekend, and it was just what i needed. we (luke) are adding double-dug, biointensive beds to our backyard so it has been a fairly slow start for us. 

below is luke's go-to book on the topic. (luke was able to participate in a biointensive workshop with john jeavons last november! i'm pretty sure it's a tie between jeavons & katz for luke's personal hero!):


on sunday, we finally got around to planting our sugar snap peas. luke started our sugar snaps early in soil blocks so we could have a head start when planting.

we made our trellis with dried bamboo, chicken wire & string. a very simple structure with supplies from our garage. there are several different ways to make a trellis. you can look at my gardening pinterest boards for more ideas!

we measured the bamboo so it was evenly spaced & pressed the sticks into the soil until they were all secure & sturdy. 

we measured out the chicken wire, wrapped it around the bamboo on both ends & tied. we did this twice to make an extra tall trellis.

we tied the chicken wire together to make sure it was secure.

using four inch spacing, we planted our sugar snap pea starts.

a satisfying & easy project. i am looking forward to a harvest or two of sugar snaps for fresh eating in salads!

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  1. john jeavons is one of my heroes too:) 'how to grow more vegetables' was one of my textbooks in college!