Friday, April 5, 2013

A Fresh Start

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hooray it's spring! i love new beginnings and a fresh start.
and i am so thrilled to be back here in this space with all of you.

we are going into our third season here at tend and it has been so fun much sharing our gardens with you.
i have learned so much from these lovely ladies. and it has been a great exercise for me to document my own gardening adventures and happenings.
i visit the archives often to remember a recipe or tip from year's past.

i will echo everyone with a huge hug and a thank you to heather for her beautiful contributions to tend these past two years and oh that banner up there!!! i am in absolute love with it!!! thank you heather, you will be missed but having your beautiful artwork at the very top keeps you here with us each week.

and i am thrilled to welcome abby to our little tend team this year. i have been a fan and follower of abby for some time and think her gardens are inspiring and beautiful. so now i get to see even more of them and so do you!

like julia things are slow going here in these parts of pennsylvania. it has been very chilly. i looked back to my posts at tend at this time last year and things were much further along. but such is the life of a gardener. patience is key.

in the mean time i have been dreaming up new spaces and have been gathering inspiration from some of my favorite books and online.

we have a few lettuces and spinach planted in containers and peas have been sown. but there is still so much to anticipate and do.

some major projects like a new back porch, some fences to be mended and a rock wall in the front are planned which will all help to enhance our outdoor space. i still continue to think of a way to keep bees in our tiny space and will write on that soon.

stay tuned....


  1. Oh, I'm drooling over your pinterest page with the hillside garden inspiration. Yours will be spectacular!

  2. yes. your pinterest page is full of inspiration. looking forward to seeing what you do in your garden this year!