Friday, July 6, 2012


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 I know it may seem a bit silly but even though my garden is right outside my back door I find myself not using herbs to their fullest potential.

This week I found myself picking from a jar of fresh mint (left over from the mojitos) and adding it to dishes I normally wouldn't. 

It got me thinking that maybe if I had several jars with fresh clipped herbs out at hands reach that maybe I would be a little more creative and use them more.

I clipped dill, more mint, anise hyssop, thyme, oregano, sage and flat leaf parsley.

I added the dill to a beet, cucumber goat cheese salad, the mint to jars of ginger iced tea (it's been really hot here!), the parsley to an adzuki bean and quinoa salad and I used the oregano and thyme to make some Zaatar.

Having them out on the window sill had me using them so much more and they are all so pretty as their own little bouquets.

What herbs are you loving these days?


  1. I love this. I only have my chives and thyme growing..I missed the season to plant. Very pretty.

  2. we often keep our parsley in the window like this and sometimes mint. the thyme is right outside the door and gets used often. i'm really loving chives in my omelette these days too.

  3. this is such a good idea, amy. we often do not use our fresh herbs as much as we'd like, even though i planted some in a pot right next to the door. with the herbs in pretty little vases in the kitchen, i will feel much more inspired to use them up!