Monday, May 7, 2012

thinning out & a salad

thinned arugula and radishes

baby radishes

microgreens salad

am i the only one who hates thinning out seedlings? all i can think is that these little babies that i'm trimming could have the potential to grow into full sized plants, producing delicious veggies or beautiful flowers or herbs. (i actually found myself so incapable of thinning my tomatoes that i ended up transplanting them all into their own little pots and i'm now saddled with about 100 tomato seedlings! i have some very lucky friends and neighbors...)

last night i found myself desperately needing to thin out my radishes and arugula if i wanted any of them to grow to their full potential. so thin i did. but those little greens that i pulled out were not destined for the compost. instead, they headed straight for the salad bowl for a light dinner. if i were feeling fancy, i'd call it a microgreen salad.

toss some mini arugula and radish greens (or whatever you have, baby chard or kale would be delicious too) with sunflower seeds, some chopped gouda (chevre would have been delicious, but this was all i had on hand) and a little balsamic vinaigrette. some of the radish seedlings had begun to produce tiny fruits, so i washed those off and sprinkled them on top. delicious.

no seedling left behind!


  1. I was doing the exact same thing yesterday: eating tiny radishes, putting the tender greens on sandwiches, and thinking of trying a radish greens pesto. I have actually transplanted tiny radishes before, and surprisingly they continued growing. Too busy for that this year!

  2. Yes! I too hate pulling those tiny baby plants. Oh, the possibilities! Oh, the bountiful harvest! I reluctantly learn that more does come from less. But man, it's tough!

  3. Yes, I too have a problem with thinning, but I do like your idea of using them in time I will know better.

  4. I hate it too. I've eaten some, but my lucky chickens end up with most of them!

  5. oh yes... I was a little too generous in planting my carrot seeds in the pot. I have a good deal of baby carrots to thin. I wonder if they will be crazy cute like these radishes? +Chelsea