Monday, May 14, 2012

i'm addicted to plants


i think i have a problem. though, i'm pretty sure i'm not alone. this time of year, when seedlings are sprouting and even beginning to flower, and plant sales abound, and the farmer's market has begun, and the seed racks are everywhere you look, and everyone's gardens look so incredibly lovely i just can't help myself.

despite the fact that i am positively swimming in seedlings (mostly tomatoes, chard, kale, and peppers), i decided to go to the plant sale last friday evening. this is a very large plant sale that i've always been intimidated to go to for fear of the hoards of people. for some reason, still unknown to me, at the last minute and totally unplanned i decided that this would be the year that we would face this sale. so off we went. friday night, just an hour and a half before they closed, proved to be a great time to go. they were out of a few things i wanted, but mostly not and it was not crowded at all.

some of the highlights of what i brought home were: a bay laurel tree (which i'll put in a pot and bring inside for the winters), french sorrel (which someone here suggested for my new front garden, thank you!), summer and winter savory, anise hyssop, victoria louise oriental poppies, goodwin creek lavender, and a niobe clematis. i feel justified in these purchases since they were mostly perennials and i consider those an investment (especially if they are edible or medicinal!). i didn't even look at the vegetable section!

of course, now i have to find the time and space to plant all of these beauties, but given that i spent about 75% of my weekend outside (both at the community garden and in our backyard) i'm thinking i shouldn't have trouble finding the time for these. of course, there is also that wildflower seed packet i just couldn't resist at the hardware store today, and that nice big creeping phlox my friend dropped off on sunday, and...


  1. Ha! I didn't the same thing this weekend, and I also admitted that I'm addicted to plants...

  2. hee hee...I can totally relate to the plant addiction! I'm making a mental note to look up french sorrel.

  3. yep, i relate too. nice scores!

    nine years ago when i was shopping for fabric to make my wedding veil, i bought a bay laurel tree at the shop next to the fabric store. my parents had it in a pot for a few years, then i planted it in my back yard when we bought our home 8 years ago. i plan on transplanting it this fall to a better location. they sure are beautiful!

  4. you are not the only one. i have been crazy about
    plant and seed as well and bought some more today.
    but this is good for my soul.
    enjoy your new plants.

  5. I can relate! Even though my beds are filled, and hubby wants to keep grass in the center of the backyard, I still can't resist. I currently have a flat of zinnia starts in need of a home.