Wednesday, April 11, 2012


in the garden...
:: planting, planting, planting- seed & start

:: really enjoying selling starts to our local community & natural foods market

:: the sugar snaps are flowering & the french breakfast (my favorite) radishes are ready!

:: a big heap of top soil & compost in the waiting to add to our compost pile & build new beds for our tomatoes, cucumber & squash varieties

:: fennel! & dill! planted! those two might be my favorite to watch, but don't tell the others!

:: new growth in the compost that soon will be turned. do you enjoy watching life spring up from the compost pile, too?

:: the girls are loving the fresh, green grass to scratch in & munch a bit.

:: the broccoli is almost ready for harvesting. our very first successful broccoli!

:: the perennial flower bed is gorgeous right now

:: thoroughly enjoying our fresh meals & late dinners outside by candlelight

what's been happening in your garden lately?


  1. Wow! Y'all sure have been busy! I'm envious of all that wide open planting space. How wonderful that you're able to sell starts to your community. We challenged ourselves by starting EVERYTHING from seed this year and now we're overrun with our seedlings. We'll be giving them away to friends and co-workers. Oh, Happy Spring!

  2. I'm curious how you use your fennel. I was thinking of adding it into our garden one day but didn't know if i would actually use it.

  3. fresh meals and candlelit dinners! yes please.

  4. i can't get over how far ahead everything is for you. it all looks so big and lush and beautiful. you sure do have a green thumb my dear. maybe even a green arm!