Friday, March 2, 2012

welcoming a new season

hello and a happy belated new year!
i have missed documenting the happenings in my garden each week
and am eager for a new season.
it's good to be back.

with the mild winter we had, things are definitely beginning to wake up around these parts.
the snowdrops are in full bloom.
the (100) daffodil bulbs hannah and i planted in the fall are beginning to peek up.
and the hens are laying daily now.

we have started to pre-sprout our pea seeds. i used to do this on the farm with quite a bit of success.
you can find a tutorial here.
we hope to get the first succession in sometime next week.
i am going to try 'tom thumb' which is a heirloom dwarf shelling pea variety perfect for containers.
also wanting to try 'Golden India'.
i am craving fresh pea shoots!

because of our shady conditions we are planning on growing more edibles in our community garden plot this year.
we pretty much abandoned it last season but are determined to be more on top of things.
the girls want to focus on melons, beans, tomatoes and cucumbers.
i also want to try growing loofah gourds and peanuts.

what are you planning for the garden this year?


  1. I tried melons last year, with no success. :(
    So happy that spring is almost here!!

  2. My husband and I bought our first house this fall, so we'll be having our first garden of our own this spring and I've ordered seeds for just about everything under the sun...we'll see if we have enough room...I think I'm most excited about the peas and dried beans...I'm also experimenting with a few plants that neither of us have ever grown before: popcorn and celery. I can't wait until our ground is ready to plant up here in Vermont!

  3. i'm going to be trying out some loofahs for the first time this year here in the uk - very exciting!

  4. it's good to see you back.
    thanks for prespourting idea for peas. i'm going try
    that this year.