Wednesday, March 28, 2012

morning routine + a tip for small space gardeners

hello! good morning! don't you just love mornings in the garden? i have a little routine around here of eating my morning breakfast (mostly just a bowl of yogurt- waffles are saved for saturdays) with taproot close by & then heading out to the garden.

i always remember my garden boots & jar of scratch for the girls.

the greeting of spring flowers right beside the door lifts my spirits.

i often peek at the radishes, so excited for that one that is just right.

sometimes i harvest greens for our evening meal. arugula is my favorite right now.

& dream of bounties, harvests, hard work & meals to come.
the perfect way to start my day.


before i go, i want to leave you with a tip. this year, luke & i are planting speckled green lettuce within our broccoli bed. once the lettuce is mature, it will provide a lush mulch underneath the broccoli. lettuce doesn't mind shade, which makes these two great companions. try it out in your small space to grow a little more greens & prevent weeds.

1 comment:

  1. great tip! i'm going to try it. lovely photos of your garden.