Friday, March 23, 2012

a work in progress

i am a bit shy to share this post mainly because there is nothing very pretty to show. but i am excited to share with you where i will be spending a lot of my time this season.

when we first bought our home we had big plans to reconfigure the front of our house.
we live in a twin on the corner and have always dreamed of changing the entrance from the front of the house over to the side and converting the front porch into a larger living room. but with all that comes along with a "fixer upper" of a home this large project would have to wait.

with that in mind we found ourselves working from the back of the house first (putting on a back porch, building a patio, creating garden spaces, building rock walls, etc).
we now use the back door as our main entrance and the back of our home has essentially become the front and unfortunately the front has been a bit neglected and forgotten. i found myself not wanting to put too much energy into it since i knew we had big plans that would involve major construction and demolition.

but here we are 13 years later and that has not happened yet. i know one day it will but for now i have decided to give my front a little tlc and have claimed this year to be the year of the front garden!
there is no reason why i cannot be working on part of the garden space. and the beauty of the front of our home is that it is where we get the most sun.

i started this week by transplanting some currants, gooseberry and blueberries from the side where they just weren't producing much at all to the front where i think they will be much happier.

i plan to begin another rock wall in the front to help retain the large slope. i envision the hillside with culinary and medicinal herbs, strawberries, annual vegetables,and succulents.

it's kind of exciting to have a brand new space to fill with plants. even though it will take a bit of time before i truly love how the front looks i know that we need to start somewhere.
i confess that i planned this post mainly to help me to focus on an eyesore of a space that i have been ignoring. i look forward to sharing with you my progress.


  1. I can totally relate to this! We have so many areas of our home that are being basically ignored, since there are bigger future plans than cannot be achieved right now. This sounds really exciting Amy, and with your skill in the garden I am sure you will see a lot of progress in just one year.

  2. i love hearing about this, amy! i'm planning on dedicating some time to expanding and improving our front garden this year too, so we can keep up on each other's progress! can't wait to see what you create in this space.

  3. me too, totally relating.
    i can't WAIT to see what becomes of this!

  4. looking forward to seeing the "after" photos!