Friday, March 16, 2012

peas please

this week i salvaged from the farm a few flats of both shelling and sugar snap pea sprouts that were headed to the compost pile.
even though i don't have enough room for all of them, i knew i could find a few places for them to set their roots.

we planted quite a few of the shelling peas at the school garden just a block away from my house.
and as friends come and visit i send them each home with a bag of peas to plant in their own garden.
we have plans to plant a bunch in our community garden plot as soon as it gets tilled.

yesterday i planted a row along the front of the chicken run where their little tendrils can grasp on and climb up the wire.
the hens are pretty curious about the peas and have even been trying to nibble a bit.

my mouth is watering as i type this.
i have actually been buying sugar snaps at the market the last few weeks.
norah loves peas as a snack raw or simply steamed with a little sea salt.
she can't wait to run out back and hand pick her very own peas.
that is if the hens don't beat her to it.


  1. can't believe it's already time for peas! i love sugar snaps but also english peas. have you ever made pea pod stock?

  2. I love growing peas. I sure sign of spring in the garden.