Friday, October 28, 2011

a snow bouquet

we are bundled up here and ready for the snow.
yes you read right, SNOW!
i know for some of you this is no big deal.
but where we are snow in october is rare.
and possibly 10 inches, well that now is unheard of.
to say the little people around here are excited would be an understatement.
and the big people, well they are excited too.
we have brought in the potted plants,
harvested what was left,
stuffed the chicken coop with straw,
and put the walls on the rabbit hutch
to give the bunnies a bit more insulation.
but a little gnomey in our garden thought it most important to pick "a vase" as she calls it or a bouquet before the snow comes.
she chose a nasturtium (hard to believe nasturtiums are still growing when snow is on it's way),
a small chard leaf,
a sedum,
an anise hyssop flower
and a begonia.
so sweet, and quite beautiful
as it sits there on our windowsill
waiting for the first flake to fall.


  1. I would love to here more about your Urban Homestead. We are thinking of getting Angora rabbits. We have 5 hens is our small urban lot. We are so not ready for snow either! We are expected to get a few inches tomorrow :(

  2. Wow, very exciting getting snow, we only have a light shower once every couple of years. Love your pretty bouquet and window, you can feel the anticipation.

  3. We are getting the snow as well, much less but still snow and a lot of wintry mix. Stay warm!

  4. The third picture from the top is wonderful! We aren't even thinking snow here!! Today was actually a really warm and sunny day, though there was that delightful chill in the air. Loved reading this, thanks for sharing!

  5. Such a sweet bouquet to keep up a little bit of spring inside the house when the snow comes!!

  6. Oh, LOVe the new run AMy. Your critters must be super happy in there. Agreed: snow= was so unexpected. The little people said they didn't get to play in it enough. I assured them that it will return...soon enough, but not for a bit one would hope.