Friday, October 7, 2011

rabbit friends

so i know i have mentioned and even shared some glimpses of our two little friends that have made a new home in our backyard.
well today i am happy to make a more formal introduction.

titch, a chocolate, orange tri mini rex named after a favorite book of hannah's by pat hutchins
and harley, a blue fawn harlequin mini rex, nicknamed by norah simply after it's variety harlequin.

sadly, we lost hopper, our sweet french lop ear rabbit this summer.
we loved him dearly, as did the whole neighborhood.
we all knew however that he was not to be our last
and chris and the girls began to do some research on a new rabbit.

which quickly turned into rabbit(s)!
and not to mention a boy and a girl rabbit.
yes there will be baby bunnies at some point around here.

they decided on the mini rex.
their small size, plush coat and friendly personalities make them one of the most popular rabbit breeds in the united states.
and boy are they cute!
we just can't stop snuggling them.

they do add such warmth to our garden space
and the new hutch that chris built to match the coop is quite lovely if i do say so myself.
he made sliding wooden doors for easy access and lots of hugs.
and hand carved name tags to remind everyone who stops by just who is who.
and of course there is a living roof to grow succulents, herbs and greens.

it's hard to believe sometimes we have four chickens and two rabbits living in our tiny little backyard.
next year? definitely some bees.

and maybe,just maybe a dwarf nubian goat!


  1. Beautiful. I love rabbits. Lucky rabbits to have such a lovely home and such a sweet lovely young lady to look after

  2. I love buns. Are they kept separate? My bunnies were best friends (a boy and girl) and they cuddled and couldn't live without one another. The girl was spayed, of course.

  3. You'll have tobe careful if you keep them together... I mean you will have over 100 bunnies in a few months only.

  4. We are hoping to get angora rabbits soon! We have a small urban farm too! It is amazing what you can do with small space!! How do you keep a living succulent roof all winter long??