Friday, September 16, 2011


although it is not quite officially fall yet, i can feel it coming.

this time of year always brings a new flurry of activity into our lives.
and i find myself stepping back and observing more than doing in the garden.

some observations:
-the song of the cricket
-sedums in bloom
-the changing light
-seed heads, and pods
-the rustling of grass heads
-ripe crab apples soon to be eaten by the squirrels and the birds
-beautiful brown eggs
-the slowing down of the harvest

some additions:
-two new critters
-and a rock wall

i hope to finish a few more tasks and projects in the garden before the cold weather really hits.

but i too find myself slowing down a bit and going to seed.

yes fall is coming.


  1. Lovely, as always. Im looking forward to "going to seed" myself with this recent cooler weather.

  2. your pretty little critter has stolen my heart. what a beauty, that little rabbit! are there two?
    hello, amy!

  3. this is lovely & inspiring!!

    i'm anxious to get home tomorrow after a wonderful month of adventuring with my girls....the garden photos my husband sends has me swooning! we missed our first tomato! and now look, it's time to plant our autumn veggies!

  4. Oh, what gorgeous almost-fall photos!