Friday, August 5, 2011


so let's talk cherry tomatoes shall we.

or should i say cherry tomato. because in my book there really is only one.

don't get me wrong i do love other varieties like "matt's wild cherry", "sweet olive" and "black cherry". they really are very tasty and beautiful too.

but when i spy that first orange "sungold" on the vine and pop the sun warmed fruit into my mouth, i remember why i love summer so much.

my girls think they taste like candy and i couldn't agree more. once i pop one into my mouth i just can't stop.

they hardly make their way into a salad or salsa before the basket is emptied.

but i don't mind. for once it's nice to say to the girls "go ahead, eat as much candy as you like!"


  1. the last photo makes my heart sing! love this!

  2. they do look like little balls of sunshine! i have been getting them at the farmers market this year - must add them to my own garden next.

  3. Sungolds are my favorite too! So much so that they are the only cherry I planted this year. I had to enact a strict Mommy-only picking rule because my toddler loves them so much he doesn't even wait until they're ready!

  4. sungolds definitely have a special place in my heart. they are the top seller at our farmer's market, too.

  5. ps: amy, where did you get your harvest basket?

  6. I hear ya. I love introducing people to sungolds. I grow more and more sungolds and token black cherry, gardners delight and matt's wild. They just accompany for atheistic sake because there is nothing sweeter than a sungold. Lovely blog.

  7. shari: the basket is from the thrift store. i don't think i have ever bought a new basket:) i find them all of the time and would be happy to send you one.