Friday, August 26, 2011


it's so nice to be back.
what a great week of posts last week!
a big hug and a thanks to all of our guests.

we have had loads of rain here and more to come
so the garden is large and lush these days.
the hens are happy in their new home
and our banty has begun to lay sweet tiny eggs.
we have harvested our first pear of the season.
and watermelons are growing on our front stoop.
i have plans to start a new rock wall this weekend, if i don't get washed away.
i love this time of year.
fall is in the air
but there is still so much to come.


  1. I am in love with your yard! I want to live there.

    Pears! How wonderful. I wish I had a fruit tree. I almost impulse bought a fig tree last week but it is hard to commit to such things when renting. Someday!

  2. your garden is so beautiful! i absolutely love the chicken pen. great looking design - hopefully it will keep the girls safe.

  3. siiigh. this is so good, amy. the pear & coop are my favorite parts!

  4. Your garden looks like a little source of heaven! I just started following tend and I am in love! I would love to see more contributions from those living in coastal & subtropical areas! I'm in zone 9 but grew up in zone 5 so making the transition has been difficult for me!

  5. I want to know more about the design of the chicken house, it looks beautiful and functional, I'm looking for a good design for my yard.