Monday, July 11, 2011

little garden scenes

first tomato
first tomato on the vine. it's a glacier, which is a determinate variety that fruits early and can tolerate cooler temperatures.

garden twine
i have a thing for garden twine. so rustic and pretty.

tools and daisies
tools and daisies.

the curl of a corn leaf
the mesmerizing curl of a corn leaf.

oregano tips for pickles
harvested oregano tips to put into jars of pickled garlic scapes.

wild blackberries spotted around the farm.

garlic scape bracelets
harvesting garlic scapes=garlic scape bracelets just for the afternoon.

prize-winning cabbage
our gigantic ruby perfection cabbage. i wish i could enter it into the fair. it's crazy big as you can see. more on our weed problem later.

walking back home
walking back home after visiting the field garden.

just wanted to share a few things that have been happening in our garden lately. what's new in yours?


  1. lovely scenes. what's your recipe for pickled garlic scapes? i wonder if i have enough scapes for that...

  2. I really like seeing all these peeks at the details of your gardening. And the last photo Shari, gives me that summer feeling. What a beautiful place you live! (I know, I say that all the time.)

  3. julia, we used this recipe:

    and then we did some jars with just pickling spice, brine and oregano tips.

  4. it's all so incredibly lovely.

  5. awesome pictures, awesome plants, and awesome view!! :D thanks for sharing.

  6. I love wearing scape bracelets! But I love eating them even more.

  7. we have such a weed problem this year too. curious about your solutions. love to peeks into what is growing and being harvested.

  8. Wow, Shari, what fun. I've just returned from visiting a garden with those tiny wild strawberries and golden raspberries. It's so fun to eat while strolling through the garden.