Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pink salad

Recently I made put together this salad for a dinner gathering with friends. Now that it's too hot for lettuces, I used beets, kohlrabi and purple onions from our garden. Once you add beets to a recipe, everything it touches turns a beautiful ruby pink. The other day I made another salad using beets, with couscous and chick peas. I like having a cold salad ready to eat in the summertime, and should make more of them.

Pink salad
* 2-4 beets, peeled
* 6-8 kohlrabi, peeled, fibrous parts removed
* 1 small purple onion

* 1-2 small lemons, juice only
* agave nectar, or sweetener of your choice
* fresh salt and pepper
* fresh herbs of your choice, if desired

Combine the dressing ingredients in a measuring cup, gauging the amounts to suit your taste. Cut the onion very finely and add to the bowl. Next, grate the kohlrabi over top. Pour the dressing in and stir. Then grate the beets into the bowl, season with fresh herbs, salt and pepper, and stir all together. 

This is so simple it's hardly a recipe. The only thing is the time it takes to grate the vegetables. As I was typing this post, I just thought perhaps sliced cucumbers would go nicely in this salad too. And oh, if you're wondering about the beet greens in the top photo, they dressed up some flower bouquets!

Before you go, will you share one of your favorite summer salads with us?


  1. i love roasting vegetables for dinner & then using them in a salad the next day. i just add them to greens, tomatoes & feta. it is delicious!

  2. I love grated beets with carrots and lemon juice/olive oil. Maybe a smidge of grainy mustard.

  3. I love to cook beet greens with onion and sometimes garlic and/or pine nuts. Then, when I take them out of the skillet I add a little goat cheese. Delicious although I'm sure they look pretty in a bouquet, too.

  4. that first photo of the kohlrabi is stunning! we love napa cabbage, grated carrot and kohlrabi tossed with sesame oil, rice vinegar, sea salt and pepper.

  5. such a pretty pink salad. i love a good asian slaw.

  6. this salad just went on my list of things to make.