Thursday, June 16, 2011

Garden thoughts

Today I find my gaze drifting out the window, and am thankful my eyes can rest upon the garden. Last night we said farewell to really good friends who are moving and this transition along with some decisions I'm making with a new business venture have me in a bewildered state. So for now I listen to the rain and thunder through open windows. Smile as the busy wrens find insects for their new brood in our little birdhouse. Will cherish the tender, golden raspberries I picked this morning. Wonder at the red of the cardinal as he rests upon the wood pile. Laugh (and fuss) at the squirrel stashing green plums in the empty robin's nest. And I am thankful for all this that God has made and will do what I can to take care of these gifts.

But seriously, how do you keep squirrels out of the fruit trees?!!


  1. Tie aluminum pie pans to the branches. The breeze blows them, they hit the branches and it scares the squirrels. It works for pear and fig trees in my yard. Now I just need something that will keep them away from huge, old pecan trees.

  2. as we were packing up & moving away from our community, i felt myself drifting toward the garden. now, as we are settling in our new home, i am again looking to the garden. transition/changes can be so difficult... will be thinking of you, heather. you are truly blessed xo!

  3. You've described such a beautiful source of peace. This quiet urban morning is actually quite nice, but you have me longing for a little more green.