Tuesday, May 24, 2011

perennial plant sale & care

last week i went to a perennial plant sale in our neighborhood. this neighbor has tended to her yard for over 30 years & has a bounty of plants to share. to say she is an incredible gardener is an understatement; her yard is in full bloom with a diversity of flowering native plants covering every inch of green space.

i usually purchase my perennial plants from local nurseries and hardware stores. although i have had great success with my plants, the act of purchasing plants from a neighbor is more sustainable and ecologically friendly. her plants mature in the rich soil from her garden beds instead of potting soil with chemical fertilizers. additionally, her wealth of knowledge is invaluable.

our neighbor provided information on each plant, including its fragrance, blooming season, propagating rate, and ideal habitat. once i chose my plants, she dug them up, wrapped them in a recycled plastic shopping bag & sent me home with information for caring for my new plants.

instructions for caring for your freshly dug perennials:
1. pot them up and put them in a sheltered spot.
2. keep the roots damp at all times.
3. when the foliage perks up & new growth starts to show,
the plants are ready to plant in the ground.
4. keep the plants damp until well established.

this is just another way of sharing in the garden & exchanging knowledge. once my plants mature, i plan to share them with friends & family. the community that is built through the simple act of gardening keeps me coming back & even more excited. if you have any mature perennial plants that are crowding your garden, i encourage you to share them with those around you!


  1. what a lovely way to garden. i am new to gardening, and last year some neighbors shared some plants with me. they are my favorite. http://allweneedisamor.blogspot.com/2010/07/black-eyed-susans.html

  2. a friend recently thinned her chive plants and brought me a huge portion! they took beautifully to my garden! so fun!

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