Friday, May 27, 2011

herb infused water

it seems there are many of us here in this space with a love for herbs and their many uses. i thought i would share yet another way to enjoy some of my favorites.

i have been feeling a bit parched these days and have decided to make an effort to hydrate myself more. especially with this heat spell we are having here (it almost hit 90 degrees yesterday!)
sometimes i crave a little flavor and thought i would make some herb infused water.

i used lemon verbena,

anise hyssop

and peppermint.

i harvested a small bouquet of each herb, stuffed them in their own jar and simply poured filtered water over each one. i let them sit overnight and by morning the water was packed with flavor.
add a little lemon or lime and some ice and voila! an herbal concoction that hits the spot.
there are many more I would like to try including basil, borage (which has a cucumber flavor), and pineapple sage.

drinking eight glasses of water a day just may be a breeze after all.


  1. Thanks Amy, I've never tried making infused water but you make it look easy so I just might have to. Where did you get those awesome jars? And do you let them sit out overnight on the counter or in the fridge?

  2. thanks heather. yes so simple.i got all of those jars at various thrift stores. and i let them sit overnight on the counter.

  3. genius! i love making water more fun to drink :)

    and i'm SWIMMING in borage, i will definitely try that one!

  4. love love love this!!! can't wait to put my garden herbs to use!

  5. Why have I never thought of this? I do it with oil and vinegar all the time, but never water! Off to forage for mint right now!

  6. Lovely idea and those bottles are fabulous.

  7. I need to be on the lookout for some of those great bottles. They look beautiful on the counter; I bet they would encourage me to drink more water just like the great tasting water.

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