Tuesday, April 19, 2011

front yard gardening

my husband & i are firm believers in growing food wherever you are.
we moved into our little red house a little under a year ago. one of the first things we noticed about our home was the shady backyard. after much thought, we knew our only option was the front yard.

once we heard the approval from our landlord, we began transforming our space into an edible landscape & small garden for personal use.we have a large bed along the front of our house & a south-facing bed on the side. we also made a cold frame from windows found on the side of the road in order to harden off our starts from seed.

in making the transition from this home to elsewhere, i am finding the value in container gardening. it is definitely possible to grow an abundance of food in pots while moving from one state to another. i have already planted a variety of edible flowers, herbs & strawberries. i also plan to grow tomatoes, peppers & a variety of greens in containers for the summer.

until our big move, i am enjoying the fresh lettuce mix from our beds & the over-wintered spinach & kale from last season's bounty.

it is truly satisfying to be so closely connected to your food, watch it grow, harvest it & enjoy it with others.

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  1. Natalie, you have quite a lot of food already growing! I admire your commitment to growing, even with a big move ahead. I am excited about this new collective here. Looking forward to following with everyone's progress as we grow along with you.